Healthy ready-made vegan-meals

Do you also want to eat healthy, but do not want to put in a lot of effort? With the healthy ready meals from Bio-Meals you eat healthy every day without having to roll up your sleeves!

Our wide choice of healthy, freshly prepared and above all delicious organic certified ‘Vegan Meals’ meals are delivered at home within 1-2 days, they are vacuum packed and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. In the freezer, these Vegan Meals have a longer shelf life.

So stock for a week or more and you never have to think about what you have to cook again tonight. No washing up and no groceries, so more time to enjoy life!

Organic healthy, easy meals delivered at home?

Eating healthy means not only eating the right products, but also being varied so that you get all the vitamins and minerals to keep your body in optimal condition. Would you also keep your energy level up to standard and you can keep it fresh every day.

It also means that you should not get too many artificial additives, pesticides and preservatives that are often in healthy products.

That is why we consciously chose Bio-Meals to work only with organic certified vegetables and products. And also from local farmers and you avoid unnecessary animal suffering. Our ready meals are not only healthy but also a conscious choice!


The avoidance of sugars and bad fats also belongs to healthy food and you will not find it in our Vegan Meals. These meals are put together in collaboration with nutrition experts and change continuously in composition, also on the basis of the seasons. So you know for sure that you get enough minerals and vitamins!

    Developed in collaboration with nutrition experts & coaches

    Freshly cooked daily

    No animal fats

    Low in salt

    High nutritional value

    No artificial additives

    Certified organic

    Free home delivery throughout Amsterdam (from 6 meals)

    Easy to freeze