BIO MEALS originated from the need to eat, exercise and live consciously, healthy and responsible, despite the lack of time.

We specialize in preparing and producing tasty, nutritious and responsible, ready-to-eat organic meals that can help build muscle mass, lose weight and contribute to a fit and healthy body. The meals can be ordered from our website and delivered at home.

All our meals are organic certified.

We offer various organic ready-to-eat meals specially formulated for every lifestyle and goals:

For athletes & fitness

Our Power-Meals we specially put together for athletes to maximize your muscle structure and for quick recovery. In addition, these meals are high in proteins and complex carbohydrates to keep your energy level up.

For people with obesity

Our Diet-Meals are specially formulated to make your digestion work optimally and to lose weight in a healthy way without suffering from hunger.

These meals contain many vegetables and are high in proteins. We made them low in calories, sugars, fat and carbohydrates. This ensures that you get the right nutrition to lose weight healthy and consciously!

For conscious consumer

The avoidance of sugars and unhealthy fats also belongs to healthy lifestyle and you won’t find them in our Meals. These meals are formulated in collaboration with top chefs and nutritionists and change in composition, based on the seasons.

This ensures that you get enough minerals and vitamins!

Why Bio-meals?

Tailored to your desired lifestyle

Freshly cooked daily

High nutrition (vitamins / minerals / proteins)

Varying recipes based on the seasons

Without unhealthy fats

Without artificial additions

Low in salt

Organic certified

Local products